About Us

Hello and welcome!

My name is Irina and I live in Germany. I am a graduate philologist and an IT-linguist by profession but for many years I have been busy as a family manager and mother of 3 adorable boys. As my husband likes to say we have no time for boredom. I am a person with many interests, always looking for new projects and challenges. And this is how my online shops were created where I feed my entire artistic energy.

I started two years and a half ago with online shopping and I walked a long road, I increased the range of items offered. All this happened and continues to happen not only because of the efforts that I make, but also thanks to the invaluable partner with whom I work together. I deal mainly with designs and the management and development of the e-shops, and for the manufacture of the articles I entirely rely on a company that has years of experience in the field.

Both me and my partner continue to inspire each other, help each other, accumulate valuable experience and know-how, develop daily, walk boldly and confidently forward.

I hope you feel comfortable here and of course you are always welcome!